The slices of life

Yes there I am again with my weekly blog and this week I want to talk to you about what we have recently called "the slices of life". An important task for me this year is to get ATF's brand identity formulated. So that it no longer only appears in my head, but also on paper. So that everyone can work with this, whether or not I'm at the office. As a founder of ATF, ATF is under my skin, in my fibers and in my blood. I know exactly how I want and see certain things. But yeah. That is of course not always easy for the girls at the office. It's great that it's all in my body / head, but they want and need to know this too. So everything in my head must be on paper this year. And that is sometimes difficult to put into words.

And so we recently started working with Simon, a "heavyweight" advertisement, who helps us with this. When I have to explain to someone why we are doing so well with ATF and why those bags are so popular, I always tell you that when you wake up in the morning, you get dressed and you go to work through childcare and on your way back via the supermarket to the gym wants you to do it all on 1 day as long as you take your ATF shopper with you. Because in your busy on the go life, an ATF shopper ensures that you have everything with you and that you can take everything with you. (even if you don't have kids by the way and you don't have to go to school / childcare!)

That's quite a story, right? I need almost a complete paragraph to explain this. But Simon recently suddenly and suddenly called this "the slices of life". If you see my life as a pie or a pizza that consists of pizza points (also called slices) then work is a slice, sports a slice, going on vacation with my love a slice, doing fun things with family or friends a slice, shopping a slice, etc.

And now I can explain much more concisely these days what my bags are so ideal for: FOR ALL SLICES OR LIFE! We are not going to make this a slogan, but it helps me and my team to formulate what the core of ATF is. And I like sounding, these slices of life. Because it is exactly as it is. You can use an ATF shopper for every slice of life. Yet?

This morning I jumped to the office by bike, with of course an ATF shopper with me. It contained my handbag, my lunch, a raincoat, and washed tea towels for the office. Along the way I went to the post office to pick up some boxes and I did some shopping for the Friday afternoon drink. I think the perfect example of how this black shopper is ideal for the slices of my life!

And do you know what is ideal for you? This black shopper (the ATF sports bag) now has a € 25 discount for the entire month to motivate you with your healthy, sporty good intentions. So take your chance. Even if you do not have sports or have no good intentions, this offer is of course nice :-)

Enjoy your weekend and let me know what you think about "the slices of life".

Love, Brechje


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