The success of our beach towels

Nice that you read my weekly blog again and want to stay informed of everything I experience around setting up my own brand All-time Favorites. Who would have thought that we would sell beach towels as well as the Big Bags brand? So good in fact that the leopard print towel is constantly sold-out? Kind of easy when I say that of course I already knew that in advance. But this time it is. (This is in contrast to, for example, the ATF scarfs hihi) Sometimes I just feel that something is going to be a success. Don't ask me how, but I just feel it. Perhaps you know from previous years that finding a good factory that can make beautiful towels was not that easy. If you make bags that can really take a beating and last for years, you cannot suddenly put towels on the market that are of poor quality.

Finally after months of searching, I found a great factory in Portugal in 2016 that can make the most beautiful towels. But I didn't just want a towel, the kind that you use to dry in the morning. They are too fat to carry in your suitcase. But I also didn't want such a thin hammam towel, as thin as a tea towel that stays wet all day. I wanted a combination of the two. And in the end we succeeded. Our beach towels are thin, lightweight, but as soft as a towel and absorb well. Ideal.

The first generation in this quality was with stars in 2017. We sold it super well that I thought "we will do more with this". This was followed by beach towels in our 3 best-selling prints last summer; leopard, python and zebra. Well, we knew that. They couldn't be dragged last summer and especially leopard print was actually sold out all the time. So I bought EXTRA a lot of stock for this summer, so you can go wild in the webshop now!

New in the coming summer collection are the beach towels in the hip "desert print" that you will encounter a lot this summer, in red and black. These are online from 1 March, but below 2 delicious summer snapshots!

Have a great weekend,

Love, Brechje


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