It worked! This week we reached the magical 10.000 followers on Instagram! How cool is that? Maybe not everyone knows that, but as soon as you have 10.000 followers on Instagram, you get all kinds of extra options within Instagram that you would otherwise not have. The most important thing is that from the stories, you can enter 1x swipe to the webshop or to any website whatsoever. That makes it even easier for the followers to go to the website with 1 movement. Yes we are really happy with that.

I had promised the girls at the office months ago when we were still on 8000 followers: if we have 10K followers on Insta, I'll take you to the Okura.

And by always posting beautiful content, we succeeded on our own. Because it can of course all be a lot easier: nowadays you can buy a lot of followers for an apple and an egg. For 50 dollars you have 2000 followers. Who they are and where they live is not entirely known and whether they are real people either. And so everyone is fooled a little on Instagram. I considered it, I honestly say that, but so proud that we didn't do it.

And then last Sunday Nick Schilder (from Nick and Simon) on his Instagram page one nice picture put of himself with an ATF shopper, we suddenly got the last followers that we needed to get on the 10K. Funny that a man helped us to followers, right?

We now have almost 12K followers on Facebook and now 10K followers on Instragram. I like it a bit. Exactly 5 years ago this month, I received that one email from NET-A-PORTER that they were interested in my big python shopper (see below). And that was the sign for me to go FULL for ATF. A year later in 2015 I launched the first summer collection and now again 4 years later, we have launched a WHOLE NEW SITE this week, we have 10K followers at Insta and the 5e summer collection is a fact!

We can drink a nice bottle of saké on that next week, right?

Have a nice sunny weekend everyone! Love, Brechje

ps to celebrate the 10K you get the tie dye blue toilet bag for free with every order! You first have to throw it in your shopping cart and the code at the checkout INSTAGRAM10K enter it, the amount will be deducted again!

10K followers on INSTA

email from netaporter with an interest in ATF


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