Nice that you read my weekly blog again, which I keep up so that you can follow a bit what is on my path in my "journey" to make All-time Favorites the BIGGEST big bag brand in the Netherlands! This week is a week that I will never forget, because we have really reached a milestone!

Because this week the 10.000-th follower has registered with our Facebook community. TEN THOUSAND! This person, probably not even noticing, clicked on "I like", became our 10.000-th follower and gave me a TOP week! And thanks to the 9999 other people too, we now have 10.000! Wow. Put these people together and that is quite a lot. And they all follow my brand. Unbelievable.

8 years ago, in March 2010, Jennifer, who was then still working with me in my agency, created a Facebook page for ATF. And just like now, we posted something fun every day. In 2015 I quit my agency and this name All-time Favorites became the brand name of my own bag collection. From then on, we stopped posting photos of the Rubber Duck, Mimic or Holster brands (those were the brands we represented) and the only thing we put online every day was the photos of our own bags.

And so the community has become what it is today. At the beginning of the week the counter was on 10000 and now, while I am typing, there are already 10068. And I think it's really incredible. What is still waiting for us? How many would there be next year around this time? We will see!

The rank and file also grows on Instagram. This is growing a little less quickly than on Facebook. But we have only been active there for a few years, so we are lagging a bit behind Facebook. We post 1 messages on Facebook every day, often in the morning. On Instagram there are 2 at random moments in the day. If you are not yet following us there, take a look (instagram All-time Favorites). There we place all the cool (vacation) photos that we can receive from you every day!

Well .. and what do you do if you have 10K followers? Then you should do something nice, we thought. Amber, Layla and I have been thinking this week and have come up with the following for you: ONLY this weekend you get 5 € discount on the toiletry bags. Just a nice thing for you. Use the COSMETICSBAG code and you will immediately receive an 5 € discount on checkout (except for the sale). Nice is not it?

Furthermore, this week I worked hard; We are moving 15 Aug and I have had a furniture maker make a great bar with a dining table, which of course had to be painted. And because he goes on vacation and was in a hurry, I have been painting myself this week. May you guess which color! This furniture maker carpenter Nobby Roth is really very good and I am so happy with the result! I can't wait for the 15e, then I will of course show the end result!

And now it's a wonderful weekend, my feet are going up, I pour a nice cool glass of wine and I toast you all ten thousand followers! Cheers.

Love, Brechje


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