For all copy cats: we just continue cheerfully!

Every week I try to give you a look at what comes my way while building my own brand All-time Favorites. That is often fun and a lot of beautiful things come along, but also things that are not fun and make me angry and sad namely; copy cats, imagers, gold diggers, give it a name ....

Since this year, there have been people who have also noticed the success of our large shoppers and think they can do that for a while just by copying them 1-on-1. The first time I came across this on Instagram, I was furious. Especially because I know these people myself and they know me too. I never expected that if we were copied, it would be because of people I know.

Immediately I called my brother who is a lawyer. With the steam from my ears I told him the story and he gave me the telephone number of an intellectual property lawyer. Difficult word. But this man specializes in "who owns the design and therefore who owns it". I called him, explained the story and he immediately answered that we would have a strong case. I should buy a copy of the copy cats and give it to him and he would sue these people. TOP!

Justice I thought! I was so angry. The next day I had a meeting with my coach Ole. And again I told in anger what had happened to us. He remained remarkably calm. He said to me, "Brech, what are you worried about? How many bags can you sell in her store? 20? 50? Maybe at most 100 and bet they won't be rid of those bags in three years? Your fans, your buyers don't just buy a big bag, they buy a bag from ATF, everyone can market big bags in the same shape as you, but nobody, nobody at all is ATF, trust your own power, ATF is a feel good brand. Focus on that. Make sure you are always innovative and that you are always one step ahead of all copy cats. "

And he was right. That same afternoon I called the lawyer and ignored it further and started working on my mission again! And when the last thing happened again, yes our STAR shopper was copied 1-on-1, only our logo was left out and even the lining is also pink, I really had to swallow again. For a moment I felt that negativity rise again. I also let Layla and Amber look at it and they were immediately so "that is not allowed? Should we not do something about this?". Then I told them what Ole told me: POSITIVE VIBES ONLY at All-time Favorites! Work hard, keep our goals in mind, keep making the best big bags and keep our promise every time that with a shopper of All-time Favorites you can get everything out of life: from work to gym, from gym to sauna, from airport to beach: you can do it all in style with an ATF bag! PROMISED!

Nice weekend! Love, Brechje


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