What a wonderful summer!

How nice it is to be able to write my weekly blog in the spotlight again! What a wonderful summer we have and what luck with the weather. It makes me so happy. Do you have that too?

And with a good mood you can handle the whole world, at least that is the case with me. I'm a cheerful person by nature, but that sun makes me excited. And that works out well if it's just as busy or messy as this week.

On Mondays and every other day of the week I often don't know what the day will bring to me. So often ad-hoc things come my way so that a to-do list never gets finished, and that sometimes makes me a bit restless. This week I finally made the decision for a new office. We had been looking for a new space for a while and I wanted to stay in the Houthavens. But not many available offices are empty here, which means there is little choice. So over the past few weeks I have also visited other offices with Layla.

The one was sometimes more beautiful than the other. But the Houthavens continued to pull. I just like it here. We work out here every Thursday in the neighboring gym, but this entire area is so upcoming now that I don't want to leave. We have been here 5 for years now and it has been a construction site here for 5 for years. And just as it is almost finished, would we go anywhere else? No, I don't like that. So the only available space, which is actually a bit too big for us, I renamed our future head quarter this week. The signature is set and 15 aug we pull in.

So this week I had to switch very quickly with carpenters to have nice furniture built. The new space will of course mainly be pink and a nice pink bar cannot be missed. A pink SMEG refrigerator is also ordered. When it is ready I will show pictures. I can not wait.

Also this week I spoke to the first applicants for the Customer Service Talent vacancy. If you still want to respond, do so asap! I also had my bi-weekly meeting with my business coach Ole, Amber is back again and the team is complete again, the new hammam towel protos for next summer have arrived (AND THESE ARE REALLY CRAZY!) And I got daily again pleasantly surprised by the nicest photos we receive from you, thank you for that! (you can also send them to: info@alltimefavourites.nl).

You read so well that I am a happy camper at the moment! Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Brechje


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