What now summer brand?

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week the ultimate proof that ATF is really not a summer brand!

People often say to me, nice Brech, those beach bags, but how do you do that in the winter? You didn't want to be dependent on the weather anymore, did you? You have already experienced how erratic it is to import snow boots? And yet how erratic it is to import slippers? Then why are you going to risk this again with All-Time Favorites?

Often it is men who say this. And regardless of the discussion as to whether or not they understand it, they have no knowledge of it haha! No, seriously. Every woman who already has an ATF bag knows that it is not just a beach bag?

You know, in our busy on-the-go existence, how handy these bags are EVERY day? How else can we go from work to supermarket via the gym to the airport and in 1 to the hotel? (other routes may also be hihi). How can we, often in a hurry, also pick up the kids from school or hockey via the market and the tailor also take the kids to the swimming pool? I don't know, but every possible route that I mention, the word weather or temperature does not fall 1x!

The weather does not play any role at all All-time Favorites. Whether it is winter or summer. Surely we all have a busy life all year long, in which we run and hurry from hot to hot? In which we intend to go to yoga more often or to relax in the sauna (for both our bags are IDEAL), but where in reality we are always short of time, especially for ourselves. And it is precisely in this busy life that we find it important that we also enjoy it a bit. AND THEN ATF COMES TO LOOK AT THE CORNER! The buddy that makes your life easier and more pleasant and also makes you a bit hipper all year round!

This week we received so many great photos of you during your winter sport in the snow, but also when skating. The great proof; what is ATF a summer brand?

Have a great weekend everyone, love Brechje


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