We have started!

A new week so also a new blog in which I, Brechje Gondrie founder of ATF, take you along in everything I experience while setting up and building my own big bag brand! This week the temperatures have risen above twenty degrees and yes, that means ...

WE HAVE STARTED! This week, for the first time since May, I didn't have to put on socks. I could go with my bare feet in my pumps and how happy I was. I still have to work a bit on my complexion, that makes sense, but pumps can also work well with white feet. Everyone was happy this week. The terraces in Amsterdam were packed, I already saw the first burned shoulders and the Vondelpark was also full of happy picnickers last night. And..we could have lunch outside all week!

What exactly did you start with then I hear you think? Well; now that the sun has started to shine, we notice at the office that your ATF fans are completely "on" again and you feel like sharing photos with us. We have received so many photos of happy users and their ATF bag throughout the week. We often receive nice photos of course. But when the sun starts shining and the temperatures go up, we just receive more pictures.

And that week that we clearly receive more photos than normal, so now, is the sign that the 'summer' (with the accompanying summer jitters) has begun. And that we must be ready for you. The May holiday for the south has begun. People go out. And those are the moments that the bag will reappear for many of you, is used EVEN MORE or is being purchased for the first time.

At every panel research we hold, we hear that our bags evoke a sort of Pavlov reaction. When you see the bag, you associate it with weekend, doing fun things, adventure, going out and ENJOY ESPECIALLY! So happy feelings and I think that is a great compliment!

Layla, Amber and I are ready for it! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the nice weather!

ps here is a selection of what we received this week:


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