Which print is your favorite?

I think we can say that All-Time Favorites is mainly known for the nice prints that we have. The range of uni-color bags is quite small with us. The crazy or remarkable thing about everything is that you won't find me soon with a print. I actually always wear unis. But for a bag and especially a large bag, I really like a cool print.

In 2011 I started with the very first large shopper, the print I started with was the python print. After all these years, this print is still my favorite. This was followed by the zebra print and leopard print. Then came the blue / white stripe and the denim blue (uni) shopper with white text. The real adventure began with these 5 versions.

Now it is already the 5e summer collection that we have released and that is why I have listed ALL prints that we once had in the collection for this blog. In addition to the 5 prints mentioned above, we have had:

  • camouflage
  • mini vertical blue stripes
  • washed canvas in pink and brown
  • sailor blue / white and sailor white / blue
  • Stars (in army, coral, blue and gray)
  • coconuts
  • pineapple
  • palm trees
  • python turquoise / yellow / pink
  • sequins (gold / silver and black / silver)
  • jacquard black / white
  • lobsters / lobster print
  • palm leaves with pink
  • straw print (with pink or blue or red)
  • green and pink disco
  • jute combined with python
  • tie dye in blue and khaki
  • desert print in black and red (currently in black my daily bag, see photo)
  • denim rainbow
  • white camouflage hologram
  • and last but not least, they have no print but are solid gold and solid silver, the neoprene shopper.

Do you think I have forgotten anything else?

Now I am naturally very curious: which print is your favorite? You can comment on the blog below, but also on FB. Let me know!

Love, Brechje

Here are some examples:

Python print

Straw print

Rainbow denim print

zebra print

Star print


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