Do you want to help me?

Nice that you are here again and reading my weekly blog. My name is Brechje Gondrie and more than four years ago I founded All-time Favorites and with this blog I will keep you informed on a weekly basis about what is coming my way. This week I would like to appeal to you:

maybe you have already noticed, maybe not yet, but since 25 March we have a completely new site. And believe me, it didn't all go smoothly. The old website was nice, but this site did not offer the ultimate shopping experience that we want to offer our customers. And just as a shopkeeper occasionally needs to rebuild his shop, we of course have to do this online too.

I am super happy with the new site. It feels a bit like All-time Favorites 2.0. Another step more professional. And a lot more handy for you. You can pay for your new favorite in a few steps (or clicks). Anyway, it didn't all go smoothly. During the migration from the old site to the new site, certain things did not go well. For example, you received an ugly e-mail yesterday asking you to create a new password for your ATF account. That mail of course did not look. We are working hard on this and hopefully you will receive a nice mail on Monday, incl. Pictures, logo and our own font.

But more went wrong. And I need you for that now. Because during the migration they were unable to move all those super valuable reviews that you had posted. They are still figuring out where and how that went wrong. But I don't want to wait for that. And that's why I hope you want to help me.

Would you like to review your All-time Favorites on the website? Reviews are extremely important for ATF. It not only helps others to make the right choice. But it also makes the site and my brand reliable when you see that people have posted reviews. We can use your help very hard to make ATF the big bag brand!

Thank you in advance! Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Love, Brechje

ps promise is guilty: yesterday evening the four of us went to dinner at Okura (incl bib) to celebrate that we have 10.000 followers on Instagram! Was delicious!

Team ATF at Okura

Together at the plate

Yum yum


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