A shopper is nowadays indispensable in every women's collection. Plastic bags are a thing of the past; with your own shopper you are always in style! Our shopper is the perfect bag for a day of shopping, the gym or a weekend away. Many happy users also take the shopper on a journey. Our shoppers are allowed as hand luggage and are the ideal beach bag!

Our shoppers are large enough for all your things, making the bags very useful in your daily life. After you have used your first shopper, you will never want to be without it again! Our shoppers can be divided into two categories:

Small shopper

Big shopper

Both small and large shopper are available in various prints. We have basic shoppers, but also awesome animal prints. Such as the Grote Shopper Python Naturel or the Grote Shopper Leopard. Each shopper has a zipper that you can use to completely close your bag. You can also find a zipper inside the shopper where you can store your most important things. The trendy and matching toiletry bag is very nice for all your makeup essentials. Every shopper has a feminine pink nylon lining!

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