The bags of All-time Favorites are ideal for going to the beach. A beautiful beach bag is a must have for anyone who wants to walk fashionably on the beach. You can store all your beach gear in it in an elegant way. All our beach bags have a large zipper to close the bag completely. There is also a small zipper inside the bag for your important things and there are also some small pockets in which you can put your lip gloss or mirror in for example so that you can easily reach it. You can also place items in the matching toilet bag. In all our bags there is a cord to which you can attach the toilet bag, so that you have your valuables in your hand even faster.

The beach bags are available in different colors and prints. We have basic beach bags, but also beach bags in crazy prints. Think of the hip animal prints such as leopard (panther print), zebra or python (snake print). But in addition to the animal prints, we also always have cheerful summer models in the summer / beach bag collection, for example in canvas fabric with colors such as white, pink and yellow. Perfect for the beach! This way there is a suitable copy for everyone.

Our beach bags are taken to all kinds of destinations, the shoppers are already spotted a lot in Ibiza, in France, Italy, Bali you name it! Stroll around the most beautiful destinations worldwide with our beautiful shoppers. But our shoppers are also simply taken to their own country, relax on Noordwijk or Bloemendaal with a large or small beach bag! Wherever you go, with an All-time Favorites beach bag you are in style anyway.

The large beach bags are very useful if you carry things for more than one person. A large shopper will fit a piece or 3-4 large towels, and other attributes that you can take to the beach. If you are alone or in pairs, a small beach bag is perfect. Two large towels can easily fit in a small shopper, along with all kinds of other things that you would take with you, such as a toilet bag containing sunscreen, deo, hairbrush, etc. You will certainly not be short of space with our large shoppers .

Practical can also be beautiful and stylish!

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