How nice is it to go on holiday with your big shopper of All-time Favorites and you can also have a nice beach towel? Because of course a lovely beach towel or a soft hammam towel should not be missing during the holidays, we think. That's why we have added beach towels to our collection and have them developed in a soft and light quality, so you don't have to lug around too much. They are also highly absorbent so that you can dry off after swimming. It is actually a combination between a real cotton terry towel and a hammam towel. So the benefits of a towel (soft & absorbent) and a hammam towel (lightweight).

The most beautiful and nicest beach towels and hammam towels can of course be found at All-time Favorites. With our nice assortment you have a choice of colors, prints and designs. Hammam towels and beach towels are becoming increasingly popular and we understand that all too well. How nice is it to go on holiday with the nicest big shoppers with zippers and the nicest matching beach towels and hammam towels. They are not only beautiful to look at and nice and soft, but can also be used for many purposes. At All-time Favorites you will find the best quality hammam towels and beach towels made from 100% cotton and made in Portugal.

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