All-time Favorite = the favorite of all choices during all times

Welcome to the website of the Amsterdam brand All-time Favorites (ATF) that was founded by Brechje Gondrie.

ATF wants to make practical items stylish. This is because we so often saw trendy girls and ladies lugging around the not so trendy Swedish blue / yellow shopper. That must be possible! For example, a stylish variant has been developed, so that from now on you can go in style: lugging, towing, going on vacation, shopping, sports etc!

We now have more than just that hip shopper. We have a complete collection with practical but stylish items. You can buy this in the webshop, but also in more than 350 points of sale!

Our mission is to make large bags that are so nice that they become your all-time favorite. To become an all-time favorite, we combine beauty and function in such a way that time and trends don't matter at all. Timeless large bags, that's what we make!