Zebra Crossbody

€ 29,95 € 39,95

Crossbody Zebra

This crossbody zebra is ideal and super hip! Are you going on vacation or eating out with your love? A day out with the kids or an afternoon of shopping with friends? This bag from All-time Favorites not only finishes your outfit, but gives it an extra twist. You are guaranteed to steal the show. Wallets, keys, telephone, lipgloss chewing gum, etc., you can lose everything in this crossbody zebra and you have your hands free. No fumbling and hassle, just enough space to take your things handy and stylish.

  • Dimensions 18x13x8cm
  • Two separate compartments to separate your things
  • Two zippers
  • Bag hangs at hip height (if you carry the bag at an angle)
  • Adjustable handle - 3 holes - 128 cm long
  • Material: printed organic cotton + coated
  • Lining: pink nylon
  • Great in combination with the Keywallet Zebra
  • Note: not washable

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