Big Shopper Python gold / white

€ 79,95

Big Shopper Python gold / white

When it's summer and the heat rises, there is only 30 color; white! With a golden touch you give every outfit 'the royal treatment', right? That is why we have added our favorite python shopper in this white / gold color combination to the collection, wow!

  • Dimensions 85x37x34 cm
  • A large zipper to close the bag completely
  • A small zipper on the inside for your important things
  • Materials: raw cotton - free of chemicals
  • Lining: pink nylon
  • Not washable
  • Due to sun & sand it is possible that the white cotton of the bag will discolor
  • In the shopper is a cord where you click on one of our toiletry bags
  • Buy the matching cosmetics bag below and get a 5 € discount and free shipping!

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